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If Chewie was in an adventure film…

What film would it be and what would he star as?

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  • He could be Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate factory and be the only one that wasn’t greedy and didn’t eat all of the Chewits!


    12:36 pm  March 17th 2013

  • chewie could star in a movie called the chewits strike back! where some of chewies chewits get kidnapped and turned evil and alive and chewie is the chewit fighter and he sucks them in his machine and they turn back to normal chewits and the person that kidnapped the chewits was chewies arch-nemesis and his nemesis is dr.frankenboogle wich is a evil goblin that wants to get rid of chewits to replace them with his sweets called in seperate words: these delicious sweets are not poisonous or they dont hpnotise you so buy them and eat them. but they hipnotise anyone who eats them to obey dr. frankenboogle so he can take over the world.


    6:55 pm  November 2nd 2012

  • its all about when three kids go find an hidden chewits curse


    7:15 pm  March 24th 2012

  • Jurassic Park and he would be a new specie the CHEWITSAURUS


    5:34 pm  March 22nd 2012

  • art attack where jassa drawes you.


    8:01 pm  February 2nd 2012

  • Chewie should star as Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean! <3 <3 <3 :)

    Cathy McLoughlin

    10:34 pm  January 31st 2012

  • Chewie should have a tour of a chewit factory and invite y3PB from the abbey catholic primary school


    6:24 pm  January 28th 2012

  • Chewie should be a Popstar not a film star and sing chewits are different flavours like cola srawberry and blackurannt


    6:09 pm  January 28th 2012

  • dino and the chewit factoy with dino and four other dinos sind a golden chewit an get to visit the chewit factory hop you like my ideas please email me if you like them !

    abigail sinnott

    10:55 pm  December 22nd 2011

  • I think Chewie should star in Kung Fu Panda as a mighty dinosaur!


    6:58 pm  December 1st 2011

  • The Dino that saved the Chewit!

    Lara Duncan

    6:15 pm  October 7th 2011

  • I would say Chewitland Love story where he would be the dino in love


    3:50 pm  October 6th 2011

  • i think they shood have a tour of the chewit factiry ones a year please please please the peoplehoo get a tour shood be free people from ferzham primary shool thank you bye ta ta bye for no miss you all i love you all bye


    4:16 pm  September 20th 2011

  • Joseph and his Technic couler dream coat
    he would be Joseph’s side kick


    10:57 am  July 10th 2011

  • What a neat aticlre. I had no inkling.


    9:54 am  July 6th 2011

  • chewitland zombie attack
    and he could be the hero!p.s are you supposed to do already made films and add chewie or create a film?


    12:56 pm  May 21st 2011

  • chewitland zombie attack


    12:53 pm  May 21st 2011

  • Hows abouts a modern day E.T.? would he fit in the basket on the bike though?

    Simon Ellis

    9:52 am  May 18th 2011

  • Got to be chewbacca from Starwars!

    Michael Salmon

    4:02 pm  May 11th 2011

  • Godzilla


    4:04 pm  May 10th 2011