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Are Chewits Vegan?

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More and more people are chewsing to follow a vegan lifestyle and they may be wondering what things (aside from the obvious) they can no longer eat.

Often, people ask us are Chewits vegan?

Wonder no more. Though Chewits are suitable for vegetarians and those on gluten-free diets, not all of our products are suitable for vegans. However, our roarsome Fruity Twists, Juicy Bites (and our tangy sour Xtreme Bites), Xtreme Sour Apple Laces and Strawberry Laces are suitable for vegans.

Chewits: Suitable for Vegans

In 1965, Chewits was launched. Known for our Xtreme-ly sour and fruity flavours, we now have Chewits that are vegan friendly!

Our Fruity Twists are candy-striped sticks of deliciousness with a scrumptious fruity flavour.

Dusted in a sour sugar coating, our Xtreme Sour Apple Laces  are perfectly tangy and packed with juicy apple flavour, as well as our Strawberry Laces that are bursting with a fruity, sweet flavour.

Our mouth-watering Juicy Bites come in two deliciously chewy flavours; Blue Raspberry and Strawberry. These soft and squidgy bon-bons release a juicy burst of flavour as you chomp on them and not forgetting the Xtreme Sour Apple and Lemon Bites that are filled with a sour centre.

These products may be free from animal-derived produce but that didn’t take away from having their signature chew! Made with 100% vegan ingredients, the Fruity Twists and Xtreme Sour Apple Laces contain no artificial colours or hydrogenated fats.

You can get your claws on them on our Amazon shop here.

What is Veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle choice in which people choose to omit all forms of animal produce in their diets. And not just their diets, but their lifestyle.

Choosing to go vegan is becoming more popular every year. In fact, the amount of people following a Vegan diet in Britain quadrupled between 2014 and 2019*.

Vegans will only consume and use organic, cruelty-free products. They will not consume any produce from animals, from meat to dairy to honey.

As well as food, they may often choose completely organic materials for clothing, body care, and skin care.

Vegetarian & Vegan: What’s the Difference?

Whereas vegans choose to follow a plant-based diet, vegetarians do not.

Vegetarians do not consume meat but do eat other animal produce such as eggs and dairy. There are specific kinds of vegetarian diets, however, such as pescatarian. A pescatarian may eat animal produce but only fish.

Not every vegetarian follows the same diet, but vegans do. Not all vegetarians will avoid eggs and dairy but all vegans will, for example.

No matter if it’s veganism or vegetarianism, people may still choose more organic materials for hair, skin, and body care. Both vegans and vegetarians are against animal cruelty and exploitation.

Shop Chewits

You can find Chewits in many shops around the UK or buy direct from our Amazon shop. You can even buy in bulk! They’re perfect for (not) sharing.

If you’re unsure whether Chewits meet your dietary requirements, check out our FAQ section or contact us for more information.

Happy chewing!

*Source: The Vegan Society, Worldwide growth of veganism. 2021

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