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Are Chewits Vegetarian?

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The answer is a big, chewy ‘Yes’! More and more of us are choosing alternative diets, from veganism and vegetarianism to going ‘flexi’ – eating less meat and more vegetables overall but without choosing to give up meat altogether.
We’ve also seen a whole bunch of initiatives aimed at making us think about what we eat too, from Veganuary to Meat Free Monday, which encourages people to go meat-free one day per week to help the environment, reduce animal suffering and boost health.

So what does it mean to be vegetarian?

Vegetarians don’t eat meat or fish. This includes both red meat and chicken, fish and seafood, insects, meat products like gelatine and animal stock or fat. But unlike vegans, they DO eat eggs, dairy and honey as part of their diet, which can also include fruit, vegetables, grains and pulses, nuts and seeds as well as meat-free substitutes and alternatives such as tofu. Want to find out more? The NHS has some really useful information on how to eat well as a vegetarian, and the Vegetarian Society has some chewtastic vegetarian recipes to try! Fun fact: Chewie is a veggie! Well, herbivore actually. He loves fruit and berries – which is why he’s crazy about the dinolicious taste of Chewits! What are the benefits of being a vegetarian? A vegetarian diet can be good for you and the planet – reported health benefits include a reduction in heart disease, obesity and type two diabetes, and lowered blood pressure. Just a decade or two ago, being vegetarian might have been seen as being ‘fussy’ and often meant missing out at mealtimes, but attitudes have changed – it’s now a popular choice and you should be widely catered for if you eat out.

Are Chewits vegetarian friendly?

If you’re a vegetarian or you’re thinking of becoming one, you’ll probably want to know which of your favourite sweets you can still eat as part of your new diet. The chewtastic news is that ALL of our delicious Chewits sweets are suitable for vegetarians – that includes our Chewits Chews, Chewits Juicy Bites, Laces & Wands and Chewits Xtreme. Which means you can still enjoy the amazing taste of Chewits as part of your vegetarian diet and lifestyle. So go on, unleash the taste adventure. There’s so much to chews…! Going vegan? Take a look at our recent blog Are Chewits Vegan?

Find out more

To find out more about our roarsome Chewits range, explore our products or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have any other questions for us or if there’s anything else you want to know about Chewits, then you can contact us and we’ll get back to you in two shakes of a dinosaur’s tail.

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