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Introducing new Fruity Twists!

It’s time to reveal Chewie’s final discovery from his adventure in space!   Whilst exploring Planet Juicy, Chewie found a twirling forest! Bursting with fruity flavour, he named these Fruity Twists.

Chewits new Xtreme Sour Apple Laces!

Whilst exploring the new realm of Planet Juicy and Planet Sour, Chewie made two new discoveries.  The first was an exciting new planet with unique rings around it. Seriously sour

New Blue Raspberry Juicy Bites!

Continuing his space expedition, Chewie spotted a second Planet Juicy, but this one looked a little different!  The second planet had the same chewy exterior and utterly juicy core, except

Latest Competitions

Truth or Tails

Who’s excited to play Truth or Tails again!? Chewie knows how much you love to play, and this is a fun one to start 2021 off with a bang! If

The 10 days of Chewiemas!

Introducing the 10 days of Chewiemas! 😆 Chewie’s feeling festive this year, and is excited to share with you the 10 days of Chewiemas! Keep an eye on our Instagram

Find the Fruity Twists!

Can chew believe your eyes! 👀  Chewie has hidden some Fruity Twists in this image… but how many can you find? If you think you’ve found them all, head over

Catch Chewie in his rocket!

Chewie is off in his rocket again, but can you screenshot him through the telescope lens? 🚀🔍 Head over to our Facebook or Instagram and screenshot Chewie for the chance