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Chewie’s Tips For Earth Day

In this blog, Chewie is going to share his tips on how to be more sustainable by recycling and reusing at home for Earth Day. Tip 1: Walk Or Cycle

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Another Chewie Challenge!

Who’s ready for the very first Chewie challenge of 2021? Is there a dinosaur in your wardrobe? We’re talking jumpers, trousers, t-shirts, socks!! 🦖 For the chance to win a

Truth or Tails

Who’s excited to play Truth or Tails again!? Chewie knows how much you love to play, and this is a fun one to start 2021 off with a bang! If

The 10 days of Chewiemas!

Introducing the 10 days of Chewiemas! 😆 Chewie’s feeling festive this year, and is excited to share with you the 10 days of Chewiemas! Keep an eye on our Instagram

Find the Fruity Twists!

Can chew believe your eyes! 👀  Chewie has hidden some Fruity Twists in this image… but how many can you find? If you think you’ve found them all, head over