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No one saur this coming…

Spanish cultural officials were stunned at the attempts of an amateur painter to restore a prized fresco of Jesus Christ. The painting had taken pride of place in a church

OH! GoT-Cha

Feast your eyes on that! During a much awaited episode of Game of Thrones, fans got to see more than they expected… A rogue takeaway coffee cup made its way

Boaty McBoatFace Mastermind Unmasked!

When the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) launched its ‘Name Our Ship’ campaign, they had no idea of the responses they’d get from the public.   One suggestion, ‘RRS Boaty

After 10 years, Chewie’s back!

After weeks of speculation in the news, the mysterious being responsible for spooking lovers of the great outdoors, has finally been caught on camera. Experts pieced together evidence from eyewitness

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Banana Bandit Goes Ape…

Security ‘slip up’ at high profile art fair. A £90,000 banana, duct taped to a wall in one of the world’s most high profile contemporary art fairs, has been stolen

Jumpstart Your Day…

A secret stash of walnuts has been found packed neatly around the engine of a black car in the United States. Locals believe it to be the work of squirrels

We’ll have to glue it glue it!

Just moments after selling for £860,000, Banksy’s ‘Love is in the Bin’ artwork shredded itself – right in front of auction house staff and art collectors, leaving them aghast. New