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Chewits Inspired Mocktail Recipes

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Chewits inspired mocktail recipes

With summer fast-approaching and the occasional warm weather we’ve been having, everyone’s whipping out the fruity, sour, or zesty drinks to tickle their dino-tastebuds. And here at Chewits we love Chewits Inspired Mocktails!

A delicious drink to share on summer days is a mocktail; lovely blend of flavoured drinks, minus the alcohol.

Here’s some Chewits inspired mocktail recipes that will tickle your scales.

What is a ‘Mocktail’?

A portmanteau of mock and cocktail, a mocktail is a non-alcoholic, mixed drink that replicates the presentation of a cocktail.

Rather than mixing drinks containing alcohol, bartenders will mix juices, sodas, syrups, and herbs (and sometimes spices, too) to create something roaring with flavour.

Actually, mocktails have been around longer than you might realise. Ever heard of a virgin cocktail? Well, that’s a mocktail! A drink that contains no alcohol. With the rising popularity of fancy, modernised cocktail bars over the last decade, presentation has definitely changed.

A modernised mocktail now will come very neatly presented with:

  • Garnish decoration on top – This can be anything from mint leaves to marshmallows to Chewits Chews.
  • Rim-coated glass – The glass the mocktail is presented in may have salt or sugar, or sour sugar coated around the rim of the glass.
  • Fruit – When you order a mocktail, depending on its ingredients and flavours, it may come topped with fruits. For example, a traditional ingredient of a piña colada – cocktail or mocktail – is pineapple juice. Therefore, the glass may come with a pineapple wedge on the glass rim.
  • Extra – Sometimes, there’s nothing more exciting than getting a mini umbrella in your drink.

Chewits Inspired Mocktail Recipes

With all the fun and experimental mocktail flavours out there, it is no surprise that even Chewits flavours can make it onto recipes.

The Chewits Cocktail

Love Fruit Salad Chewits Chews? You’re dino right you do!

Well this tall, refreshing, fruity Chewits mocktail will get your taste buds feeling tropical!

The ingredients for a Chewits cocktail are fresh mint, fresh lime juice, fresh pineapple juice, blackcurrant syrup, and Raspberry spritzer.

Muddle together a tablespoon of blackcurrant syrup, fresh mint and the juice from half a lime. Pour over ice into a tall glass and top up with pineapple juice. Add a good glug of raspberry spritzer and top with a sprig of lime or a pineapple wedge.

A Sour Apple Inspired Mocktail

No doubt inspired by its alcoholic counterpart, the Apple Martini, this mocktail is fruity and tangy, just like Chewits Sour Apple Chews.

It can be presented with Chewits Xtreme Sour Apple Laces sugar dusting on the rim. You get to enjoy the laces as a nice treat along with your drink (or you can save them for later).

To make this Chewits inspired mocktail, all you would need is 3 ingredients: apple juice, lemon juice, and green apple syrup.

Mix together 3oz of apple juice with 2oz of lemon juice. Then, add 2oz of green apple syrup to the mixture and shake it well. Pour it into a glass, add a few ice cubes and coat the rim of the glass in the sugar dusting from the Xtreme Sour Apple Laces and, voila!

A lovely, tangy mocktail to add to your list of mocktail creations. (And if you want to create a larger portion, change ounces to cups!)


All of our fruity flavours, some sweet and some tangy, are perfect for a mocktail creation. So now that warmer weather is approaching, why not create some dino-mite mocktails for you and your family to enjoy.

Perhaps you may even be inspired to use our Juicy Bites for garnishing your mocktails. They are the perfect blend of chewy and soft with a flavourful, liquid centre.

Get creative with your own Chewits mocktails and share your masterpieces on Instagram. Use the hashtag #chewitsmocktail so we can all see your juicy, tangy, dinolicious creation!

Head over to our FAQ section if you have any questions about Chewits products or shop here!

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