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Dino Days Out For All The Family

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We have run down the best dino days out for all the family so you can make the most of summer together.

The recent sunny spells have had everyone restless, itching to get outdoors. And wanting to enjoy the weather, be outdoors, and do fun things is what summer is all about isn’t it?

What better way to excite the children than by treating them to a roarsome day filled with dinosaurs? Lucky for you, the UK has plenty of dino-designed parks for you to visit and considering how they’re spread across the nation, there’s sure to be one nearby to you.

Let’s take a look at some dino days out that you and your family can enjoy this coming summer. (Or whenever, really.)

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Up first on our list of the best dino days out – Yorkshire Wildlife Park! This wildlife park in Yorkshire is the number 1 walkthrough wildlife experience in the whole of the UK!

Located within Yorkshire Wildlife Park is Pangea – Discovery of Dinosaurs where visitors can explore the 5 unique lands of Pangea and discover some of the largest species to ever exist.

This is an immersive, pre-historic dinosaur experience, starting in the Gondwana Forest where the giant Brachiosaurus resides, and ending in the Gondwana Swamp, home to the largest Jurassic beast. With over 30 life-sized and moving dinosaurs – everything from the T-Rex to the Velociraptors – children will be very excited to spot their favourite Jurassic character right in the heart of Doncaster.

Additionally, Yorkshire Wildlife Park have made incredible efforts to make their park accessible to everyone. Guests don’t have to worry about wheelchairs or strollers as the park consists of flat pathways and wide doorways. They also have manual wheelchairs and mobility scooters available to hire, as well as child strollers.

ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure

Located in Lenwade, Norfolk. ROARR! Is the largest dinosaur themed adventure park in the UK. Whether you indulge in Dippy’s Theatre, the Dinomite Indoor Play, or the Valley Of The Dinosaurs, there’s something for everyone.

Dinomite Indoor Play consists of rope bridges, slides, and ball pits to entertain the children while the parents can relax while enjoying refreshments in the Dinomite Café.

Take a trip into the past with the 11 real-life animatronic dinosaurs in the Valley of the Dinosaurs. Experience the dinosaurs come to life in this interactive experience. Plus, there’s some incredible photo opportunities so that your family can always remember the day.

Dippy’s Theatre is the perfect place for your child to be entertained. Maybe they could even be so lucky as to meet Dippy and Friends!

Gulliver’s Dinosaur and Farm Park

Gulliver’s has been providing magic to children for over 40 years.

You can explore the Lost World and get a good look at Giganotosaurus’ and Pterodactyls. This dinosaur park is bursting with all kinds of dinosaurs but how many can you find?

Hop on the Jurassic River Ride for a guided tour through the Lost World or join our Fossil Dig to uncover hidden secrets. The Observation Tower gives the best view of the park, where you may even spot Gulliver’s very own life-like dino roaming across the park.

This particular resort is located in Milton Keynes and is their only dinosaur park. However, they have other resorts in the UK with their own special features.

Port Lympne Reserve

Port Lympne’s Dinosaur Forest in Kent has plans to become the resort with the largest collection of life-sized dinosaurs in Europe. They already have over 100 pre-historic creatures and they regularly add new creatures. Not only that but every model is anatomically correct as they are all designed by Palaeontologists (they’re experts in pre-historic species).

Port Lympne also has an app that can be downloaded before your visit that brings dinosaurs to life using virtual reality. It includes a spotter’s guide, useful facts, and an interactive map.

At this dinosaur forest, you will get the chance to see just how big Diplodocus’ really were and feel the true terror of the Pterodactyl. Perhaps that’s the real reason for its name.

The Dinosaur Park, Tenby

Who’s up for a hike?

In Pembrokeshire’s Dinosaur Park, you can take on the mile long dinosaur trail in the deep woods and discover 30 life-size dinosaurs hidden in the undergrowth. Though you don’t have to worry about the plant-eating Brachiosaurus, you definitely should be cautious of the vicious, meat-eating Deinonychus.

Did you know that a T-Rex can swallow a human whole because of its huge jaw? Good thing the T-Rexs at Tenby’s Dinosaur Forest are just life-like and not real… They’re not real, right?

Once you finish the mile long trail, why not have a game of golf with Tenby’s T-Rex Twelve Hole Golf Course? Or you can try 6 of their favourite attractions at Dino’s Fun House.

They even have a dino circuit surrounding their magnificent sauropod and a DinoFest. Forget Glastonbury, let’s go to DinoFest! For Wales’ only dinosaur park, Tenby’s really went all out. It was obviously all fossils or none at all when creating this place!


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