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After 10 years, Chewie’s back!

chewie eating chewit

After weeks of speculation in the news, the mysterious being responsible for spooking lovers of the great outdoors, has finally been caught on camera. Experts pieced together evidence from eyewitness accounts in a bid to anticipate where it would appear next.

Their attempts were successful and a full image of the unknown entity was captured. We can now reveal that the infamous, monster-like shadows lurking in the background of numerous family photos, were those of our cheeky dino friend, Chewie.

The initial evidence shared last week from @mother_ofall_adventures was shared on Instagram with the caption “I was out exploring in one of my favorite places in Devon – keeping my cool in front of these friendly visitors but looking at the photo I can see we weren’t alone! What on earth is that behind me? Any ideas?”

And later revealed:

“SO, I can finally reveal that it wasn’t all in my imagination! There was a strange sighting and they are back! @Chewits I’m not sure who is more excited me or the bull in the background.” 

@travelmaddad also shared his strange sighting on Instagram!

“The time we got photobombed by a mysterious shadow. What does it look like? Comment with a guess!”

@travelmaddad later shared

“For those of you who have been curious to know I can reveal that causing all the mischief and confusion about the strange sighting in my previous post was actually Chewie the Chewit’s monster 🦖!!”

Down in Devon, @shellandthelittlies shared her odd experience seeing the weird shadow!

“Do you ever have that unnerving feeling… that you think you saw something but you’re not sure what….usually I put it down to tiredness as you all know I don’t get much kip with Valli but I’m sure that shadow is a funny and familiar shape. What do you think?”

Later finding out it was Chewie all along…

“Remember a few weeks back I shared that i was sure that shadow while out walking looked familiar? Well many of you thought the same…turns out it was Chewie the @chewits Dinosaur all along! He’s back and up to his normal mischief with strange sightings across the country because he’s just as excited as me that Chewits, one of my favourite fruity chewy sweets, are making a comeback! Who else remembers Chewits growing up? My fave are the Strawberry flavour!”

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