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How To Plan The Perfect Easter Chewits Hunt

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The Easter Hunt is a timeless tradition loved by children, adults, and dinosaurs around the world. It offers the perfect opportunity for your family and friends to get together and celebrate the Easter holiday in a super sweet way…

We are going to share our tips to help you plan the perfect Easter hunt, Chewits edition!

Chocolate eggs are usually the “go-to” choice for Easter hunts, but to make your Easter Chewits Hunt extra special, we recommend providing a selection of chewtastic Chewits.

Adults and children can’t resist the outrageously tasty Chewits, which are made with real fruit juices. Plus, many products in the Chewits range, including Chewits Bites, Laces, Twists and Wands are suitable for vegans – unlike chocolate.

Chews The Location

Easter hunts usually work best in a large outdoor space, where your mini dinosaurs have plenty of room to really get their claws into the fun.

A spacious garden or public park is a perfect place for an Easter Chewits Hunt, especially if it has trees, flower beds and other nooks and crannies that are ideal for hiding precious chews

Have A Plan B

Having an outdoor Easter hunt is egg-cellent, but you can’t always rely on the weather. Having a backup plan is crucial. The last thing we want is for an April shower to ruin the fun. Be prepared to move your Easter hunt indoors if required.

Indoor Easter hunts can be just as much fun. Hide treats in every room of the house and let the children know how many treats are hidden in each room. Don’t forget to make plenty of space and move any obstacles safely out of the way.

Decorate The Space

Pastel bunting, balloons, garlands, and Easter-themed signs will add even more excitement to your Easter hunt. A wide range of Easter party supplies and decorations can be purchased at an affordable price on Amazon, where you can buy Chewits too!

You could also get crafty with the little ones and create your own signage and decorations. Create signs with instructions on, such as “Getting Warmer!” or “Chomp Here” to help the children find all the treats.

Stock Up On Chewits Treats

You can’t have an Easter Hunt without a variety of sweet treats! For an unforgettable Easter Chewits Hunt, buy plenty of empty, fillable eggs and fill them with Chewits treats!

These colourful eggs can be reused or used for craft play. The hard part is knowing which delicious Chewits treats to chews! Fill smaller eggs with Chewits Chews and Chewits Juicy Bites (mouth-watering liquid-filled bonbons). And fill larger eggs with Chewits Laces, Wands and Rainbow Twists.

All Chewits products are vegetarian and most products in our range are also suitable for vegans. Chewits can be purchased online via our Amazon shop.

Hide The Easter Treats

If smaller children are joining the Easter hunt, be sure to place the eggs in easy-to-reach places, such as low branches and flower beds. Don’t forget to keep track of how many treats and eggs have been hidden. The Easter hunt doesn’t end until the very last one has been found!

Have Baskets At The Ready

Easter hunt baskets should be lightweight yet big enough to fit plenty of Chewits filled eggs. For an extra special touch, add garden spring flowers around the handle and label each basket with the names of the children joining the hunt.

Play Easter Games

Easter-themed games are lots of fun and can be enjoyed by children of all ages. They provide the opportunity to win bigger prizes, such as stuffed animals or chocolate bunnies. Easter-themed games include:

Water Balloon “Egg” Toss

Only to be played outdoors, the water balloon egg toss game is fun to play and observe! Split the group of family and friends into pairs.

Then each pair must throw a water-filled balloon back and forth. Once a balloon (inevitably) pops, that pair is out of the game. The last pair with an “un-popped egg” wins the game.

Pin The Tail On The Dinosaur

Pin The Tail On The Donkey is a much-loved party game, and Pin The Tail On The Dinosaur is the same (but with an Easter Chewits twist).

Create a huge Dino out of cardboard and stick it on the wall. The children can then try their luck at pinning a tail onto the dino whilst blindfolded. The individual that gets closest to the tail area wins a prize.

Egg Bowling

Bowling provides hours of fun and offers the chance to work in teams. Add ears and a bunny nose to lightweight bowling pins and encourage the children to take turns in rolling an egg to try and knock them down.

Bunny Hop Relay Race

Split the family into two teams that have to race against each other in the ultimate Easter game… a bunny hope relay. Anyone caught with two feet on the floor is immediately out of the game. Hopping is the only way to victory in this hilarious, fast-paced game.

Have A Question About Chewits?

We hope this Chewits blog provides plenty of tips to help you plan the perfect Easter Chewits Hunt. If you have any questions about the Chewits range, Chewie may have the answer on the FAQs page.

Alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact the Chewits team and we’ll get back to you in two shakes of a dinosaur’s tail.

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