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Packing A Perfect Picnic For The Bank Holiday Weekend

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May’s jubilee bank holiday weekend is fast approaching and what a great introduction it will be to the summer of 2022. (And what better way to celebrate this year than with a Jubilee theme?!)

Your plans don’t have to extravagant or roaring mad, it could just be a nice family picnic or even a BBQ. Who doesn’t love a picnic or a BBQ in the summer? Especially to help celebrate the Queen’s milestone.

Once you’ve got your activity decided, you need to prepare. Have you got everything you need? Don’t worry, this blog will cover all the basic needs for a roarsome picnic or BBQ for bank holiday weekends.

Deciding on Location

Once you’ve decided just what you want to do, you need to decide where.

BBQ Locations

Of course, if you choose to have a BBQ for the Jubilee bank holiday weekend, the location is easy!

It might be your garden, or the garden of friends or family members. Maybe you’ll choose to book a public barbecue spot at nature parks and forests.

Picnic Locations

There are so many places to choose to have a picnic but choosing a location that’s easily accessible and has plenty of picnic tables (or grass!) and shady spots for sunny days is best.

A big open space is good for entertaining the children and for playing family games. It also means that there’s more room should you choose to bring plenty of friends or family members.

For stunning views or scenery, the coast or the countryside is quite an ideal picnic location. Or nature parks – there are plenty of those in the UK!

Fancy staying in and hosting a home picnic? Here are some ideas on how to dress it up so that it’s fit for royalty, especially if your picnic is doubling as a Jubilee celebration.

You can purchase a large, inexpensive tent to put up in your garden and decorate to make it a more elegant affair. Adding interior to the tent with blankets, cushions, pillows, and lights are all great options, as well as decorating the exterior with a throw over the top. And don’t forget the Union Jack bunting!

If you don’t have a table and chairs and want to do the traditional cross-legged, use a big rug rather than blankets. Add plenty of pillows and cushions for comfort.

A separate space for eating is ideal, such as an outdoor table displayed with all the share bowls and side dishes. Why not do a 1950s theme to really celebrate the jubilee?

Things To Remember To Pack

Remembering every single thing that you’ll take with you can be stressful. There’s always something that gets left behind when leaving the house. It’s no different for picnics and barbecues.


On warm days, everyone loves to go outside. So it’s common for all the picnic tables to be filled.

Taking a picnic blanket means that you don’t have to sit directly on the grass. No worrying about dirt or grass stains or little bugs. They’re also good for preventing wet bottoms.


Along with a blanket, having a picnic bag is a good idea. It doesn’t have to be a picnic basket or picnic-specific, just something to hold all the extra things a picnic or barbecue requires, such as paper plates, reusable plastic cutlery, and cups.


The most important part of any picnic or BBQ!

Pack your favourite foods and snacks to enjoy when you go on your picnic. Finger sandwiches and sweet treats are a classic for a British picnic. And to cater it to the Jubilee celebrations, just add in a few classics – Victoria sponge cake, Eton Mess, scones, and coronation chicken sandwiches.

Not forgetting Chewits as a classic British chewy sweet treat this weekend! How does Chewits Juicy Bites sound for a fruity, dinolicious treat? Plus, the flavours are very on trend for the summer season – blue raspberry and strawberry. You can buy them here in our online shop. 

Even better, they’re suitable for vegans. So if any of your family members or friends follow a vegan diet, they don’t have to worry. Chewie’s got their back.

Cooler Bag

Worried about what warm weather will do to your Chewits products? Put them in a cooler bag, along with any drinks, and you’re good to go! Cooler bags help to keep chilled food and drinks cool as they have an insulating layer on the inside working to keep the heat out.

So pop your Chewits Chews in there and the sun won’t make them gooey. Instead, they’ll be soft and chewy – just how they should be.

You can still use a cooler bag at home. Particularly if you plan to keep everything outside so you don’t have to run into the kitchen every minute!

Bank Holiday Weekend Fun

Remember to spend your bank holiday weekend having fun. Did you know that you can use Chewits Laces & Wands for fun challenges? Well, you can!

The strawberry lace challenge (or any flavour, really) makes for fun entertainment. Standing with your arms behind your back and one end of the fruity lace in your mouth, the person who finishes eating it first without using their hands wins!

A Chewits treasure hunt is a fantastic game all the family can enjoy. Hide juicy chewy Chewits in branches, behind shrubs, and even under a few rocks and challenge your loved ones to find them all. You could set a time limit or even do it ‘three legged’ in pairs to make it even more challenging and fun.

There’s time off work, the children are off school, and a special anniversary to celebrate – it’s the perfect time to plan an activity that allows your family to enjoy time together and outside (if the weather calls for it!).


If you’re looking for something sour to go alongside such sweet weather, why not try our Chewits Xtreme chews? Available in Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, and Sour Lemon flavours.

These chews are seriously sour. Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

Unsure whether Chewits meet your dietary requirements? Check out our FAQ section or contact us for more information.

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